A lifetime behind the camera

Photography has always been a real passion of mine, from my first Black and White darkroom in a garden shed as an enthusiastic teenager, it has always been my favourite hobby. I photographed my first wedding at the Northampton Registry Office at 14 years old, but that was a very scary experience.

Years later, Photography has become a greater part of my life, with People and Portraits being my preferred areas, but I do enjoy Landscapes and Travel Photography as well.

From Silver Bromide, to the Digital Sensor, box camera to a Nikon D4, Colour or Black and White, Digital or Analogue, Photography continues to be just as magical as the very first plate images.

It never ceases to amaze me, how talented and dedicated some people are. There are so many fields in photography, from Nature, to Sport and from Portrait to Macro, each and every one with its own unique specialist requirements, to capture the perfect image.

“The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. Instead they allow the medium to master them and go on an endless squirrel cage chase from new lens to new paper to new developer to new gadget, never staying with one piece of equipment long enough to learn its full capacities, becoming lost in a maze of technical information that is of little or no use since they don’t know what to do with it.”

Photography is all about creativity, my feeling is that it is not about the equipment, it is ART!

CREATIVITY - LIGHT - LENS - CAMERA................Camera comes last!